So what’s a hard seltzer?

A hard seltzer is, quite simply, alcoholic sparkling water with flavour. The drink originated in the USA where they use the term ‘seltzer’ in place of sparkling water and ‘hard’ to refer to something alcoholic. It’s as simple as that. Normally a hard seltzer is combined with fruit flavour and they come in at under 100 calories and under 2g of sugar.

And that’s where Cold Spring comes in. Hard Seltzers have gone from ‘what?’ to ‘woah’ over the last year and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this drinks evolution.

With health and mindfulness being at the front of many people’s minds, a delicious alcoholic drink that comes in at 4% ABV and only 1.9g of sugar and 71 calories it’s the go-to for those who want to drink but don’t want to go crazy!

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