We are Cold Spring

Here at Cold Spring HQ we believe in being 3 things:

Refreshingly Energetic – we’re all about enjoying life. Bring on the good times!

Refreshingly Free – we believe in the freedom to choose what we want to drink and when. The freedom to live our life without compromise.

Refreshingly Simple – we like to keep things simple, from easy-to-drink formats to an easy-to-understand ingredients list.

That’s why we’re living our best lives creating a delicious ‘enjoy anywhere’ drink that comes in at a health-conscious 71 calories, only 1.9g sugar and a very palatable 4% ABV. We’ve tested the market, we’ve tested lots (and we mean lots) of flavours and we’ve made a drink that we’re super proud to share with you all. And so here we are… Cold Spring Raspberry and Cold Spring Passion Fruit + Mango delivered to your door – what’s not to love!

Using only 3 ingredients, it doesn’t come much simpler than that. Scottish sparkling water, spirit and natural flavours. And what we love about it being so simple is that it cuts out all the nonsense. No sugar overload, no bloating and no sickly flavour. Hard seltzer is by nature less full of sugary flavour which means you can enjoy it at any time – that sounds good to us!

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